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April 2nd

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The battle for the second promotion spot in the Second Division is going to the wire. Godalming F notched up an excellent 7-3 success over Aftermath C with Danny McGranaghan and Gordon Grover unbeaten for Godalming. Meanwhile Merrow E held on to second position with an 8-2 win over Bramley D. Ce Guo and Paul Farrant both picked up maximums for Merrow. At the other end of the table Bramley B will be pleased with the draw against Woking LTC B. Ironically Steve Cheedeman, playing up from the beleaguered D team, notched a full house for the B team. Brian Hartles and Kevin Barkham each won two apiece for Woking.

An amazing set of results in the Fourth Division with all contenders securing massive wins. Godalming K whitewashed Woking LTC E with Roger Aspital, Tim Boxall and Ram Sethi the winning trio. College Hill E managed two 10-0 wins, against Bramley F and Burymead E. They used all their squad David Reading, Paul Stock, Colin Thompson, Peter Norman and Paul Tanton to get the wins. Third placed Bramley E also won 10-0 thrashing Godalming M. Stephen Pinn, Bob Holmden and David Barraclough making up the victorious three. In these circumstances Woking LTC D will be disappointed with just a 9-1 defeat of Godalming L. Malcolm Hollett and Mervyn Newell were unbeaten with Alex Bolychevsky winning twice. Thankfully the fixture list has these teams playing each other over the remaining weeks of the season.

At the bottom of the First Division it is beginning to look precarious for College Hill B. A 7-3 defeat against Ash B leaves then rooted firmly to the bottom of the table. Alan Gess won all his three for Ash with Martin Gilbey winning twice. At the top of the table Ash A just hold on to second spot but they must have been concerned going to Aftermath a with just two players. Luckily for them paul Myers and Rod Kay won all the available points for a 7-3 victorry. Godalming D keep up the pressure after an 8-2 defeat of Merrow D. Yawei Wang and Matt Craig each won three times for Godalming.

For several weeks the main interest in the Premier Division has been at the bottom end of the table. Challoner A now probably feel secure after a 6-4 win over Godalming A. Adam Laws was unbeaten for Godalming with Shaun Robertson and Martin Rozario picking up timely duos for Challoner. This probably means that the relegated duo will come from College Hill A, Godalming C and Burymead C with the latter particularly vulnerable. College Hill A lost 8-2 against Godalming B who had Alex Forshaw and Keith Falconer unbeaten and Sarah Horsnell winning twice. A doubles win for College Hill kept them one point ahead of Godalming C who succumbed 9-1 to Burymead A. Phil Snelson and Gordon Holmes racked up trios whilst Ramesh Bhalla only lost out to Steve Davis. An 8-2 loss to Merrow C for Burymead C makes their task of survival virtually impossible. Andy Mudie and Robin Pretty both won trios for Merrow.