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Jan 29th

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After having a difficult first half of the season Challoner C, in the Third Division, will be pleased with their start to the second half with an 8-2 win over second placed Woking LTC C. Tom Taylor-Woodward bagged a full house whilst Jason Gee and Ben Ward notched a pair apiece. Abinger appear to have got over their player problems and managed a 6-4 win over Cody B. Jock Docherty was unbeaten for Cody whilst Keith Sutton and Brendan Bayley each got a pair of wins.

In the Premier Division Godalming B and Broadmoor shared the points. No player was unbeaten with Keith Falconer and Rory Scott from Godalming and Clive Banham of Broadmoor getting couples. Merrow C just got past a two-person Godalming C outfit, 6-4. Micky Lang was unbeaten for Merrow and Steve Davis won twice for Godalming who took Merrow’ unbeaten doubles record.

In the First Division Aftermath A beat Godalming D 6-4. Steve Pearce was unbeaten for Aftermath with Neil harden winning twice as did Christoph Pieteke for Godalming. Aftermath B  and Cody B shared the spoils in a relegation battle. Paul Shakespeare was unbeaten for Cody whilst Bill Matlock won twice for Aftermath. Ash A got back to winning ways with a 7-3 defeat of Woking LTC A. Rod Kay was unbeaten for Ash with Paul Myers winning twice. John Koenigsberger managed a couple for Woking.

In the Second Division Bramley C kept hold of the top spot with a 6-4 defeat of Godalming E. Yet again Geoff Nevitt was unbeaten for Bramley with Kerry East winning twice for the division leaders. Carsten Horne won twice for Godalming E. Cranleigh A relieved their relegation concerns with an 8-2 win over two-man College Hill C. Peter Coventry and Angela Coventry. Godalming F proved too strong in a 6-4 defeat of Woking LTC B. Gordon Grover notched a full house for Godalming whilst Kevin Barkham won twice for Woking. Bramley D and Burymead D drew with Steve Cheeseman unbeaten for Bramley and John Diggens winning twice which was matched by Jack Harrington from Burymead.

In the Fourth Division Woking LTC D moved to the top of the table with an 8-2 win over Bramley F. Mervyn Newell and Malcolm Hollett each bagged trios for Woking. Emmanuel whitewashed a two-man Godalming N outfit. Roger Williams, Stephen Schofield and Keith Brown secured the points for Emmanuel. Bramley E kept in the promotion picture notching a 7-3 win over Woking LTC E. Bob Holmden, Steve Pinn and Gary Nicholson all won twice but all three lost to Jake Chew.