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Nov 13th

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The two most inexperienced teams in the league, Godalming M and Woking LTC E met in the Fourth division with Godalming recording their first success, 8-2. Alan Truong was the unbeaten star for Godalming with Brian Richards and Aubrey Collins notching duos but both lost to Jake Chew. At the top end of the table Woking LTC D and Bramley E, both with 100% records coming into the match, fought out a draw. No player was unbeaten with braces for Malcolm Hollett and Alex Bolychevsky for Woking and Bob Holmden and Gary Nicholson for Bramley. This leaves College Hill E as the only 100% outfit after a whitewash against two-man Godalming N. Peter Norman, Paul Tanton and Paul Stock bagged the points. Godalming L moved to the top after a 10-0 win over Cranleigh B. Ben Tahouri, Sam Barkham and George Helling picking up the points. The top of the Fourth division is going to be very interesting.

In the Premier Division Broadmoor picked up their initial win, 9-1 against Godalming C. Mark Handcock and Clive Banham were unbeaten with Ian Cole losing out to Jiri Rambousek. Merrow C just edged past two-man Merrow B. Andy Mudie was unbeaten for the C team with Richard Seymour and John Callcut winning their other singles for the B squad. Godalming B picked up a good win, 8-2 over Burymead C. Sarah Horsnell notched a trio whilst Keith Falconer and Rory Scott each bagged braces both losing to Richard Parke.

In the First Division Aftermath A ,who have games in hand, lost for the first time, 6-4 against Cody A. Simon Turner secured a maximum for Aftermath with Peter Anthony and Paul Shakespeare each winning twice for Cody. Woking LTC A picked up their first win, 6-4 over Allianz. Clayton Green was unbeaten for Woking with John Koenigsberger and Kevin Bown bagging braces for the tennis club.  Bramley A suffered their first loss, 7-3 against Ash A. Rod Kay picked up a trio for Ash with Paul Myers winning twice as did Tony Morse for Bramley. Aftermath B got the better of Ash B 7-3. Frank Roberts was unbeaten for Aftermath with Steve Cheek winning twice as did Martin Gilbey for Ash.

Merrow E leapt to the top of the Second Division with a whitewash of Aftermath D. Ce Guo, Trevor Free and Simon Dickinson won the points for Merrow.Godalming E had an excellent 8-2 victory against Woking LTC B. Pavlina Polokova and Carsten Horne were unbeaten for Godalming. Bramley D eased away from the relegation area with an 8-2 mauling of Aftermath C. Phil Thompson and Steve Cheeseman were unbeaten for Bramley. Bramley C eased past their B team 6-4 with Geoff Nevitt losing his 100% record to Linda makepeace from the B team. Nevitt won his other two singles as did Kerry East for the C team.

In the Third Division Cody B just got the better of Ash C, 6-4. Sandy Simpson was unbeaten for Ash whilst Bob Fenner and Ken Thompson each won twice for Cody. Godalming G thrashed Ash D 9-1. James Wyncoll and Paul Rumble were unbeaten for Godalming whilst Hugh McKee only lost to Jackie Rice. Woking LTC C remain at the top after a whitewash of Aftermath E. Brian Hartles, Michael Frean and Mike Glen provided the points for Woking.