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January 13th

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At the halfway point of the season the Premier Division looks decided, but is it? Burymead B lead the way but an injury to Matt Pernet must raise concerns in the Burymead camp. However there is no obvious challenger. Burymead A are currently second but they know their best days are behind them and would be surprised to be in this position. Godalming A possess the most talented squad but they still struggle with personnel. Of the Merrow sides the B team is best placed but they will be happy with any finish in the top four. Merrow C have games in hand but they do not have the overall strength for Champions. In mid-table there is College Hill A who will be ecstatic at their success this season. The other teams in a similar position are Challoner A, Broadmoor and Godalming B. Then the current bottom three. Surprisingly one of them is Merrow A who will be desperate to get John Robinson back. This leaves the bottom two – Merrow D and Challenor B. I fear they will remain in those positions for the rest of the season. Predictions – Burymead B Relegated – Challenor B and Merrow D.
The First Division appears clear cut. Godalming C and Burymead C have a clear lead and Godalming C, in particular, appear settled. Burymead C have a few injury issues but They should be strong enough to withstand a challenge. Ash A have settled into third spot and with Bramley A and the two Aftermath teams look safe. College Hill B have games in hand and look quite secure but the other five teams Merrow E, Woking LTC A, Godalming D, Cody A and Bramley B will have relegation worries. Of these Bramley B look the most likely to go down but everything else is very tight. Predictions Champions – Godalming C, Runners-Up – Burymead C Relegated – Bramley B and Godalming D.
The Second Division is also quite clear with both Ash B and Woking LTC B averaging around eight points per match. This is tough on Allianz who must have fancied their chances of promotion at the beginning of the season. Aftermath C, Merrow F, Bramley C and College Hill C look secure in mid-table but the bottom five, Challoner C, Bramley D, Aftermath D, Burymead D and Godalming E have little between them. With games in hand Burymead D look slightly better off than the other four. Predictions Champions – Ash B Runners-Up – Woking LTC B Relegated – Aftermath D & Bramley D
At the moment the Third Division also looks settled at the top with Godalming F steaming away. Second place is currently occupied by Aftermath E and they look fairly secure in that spot. Ash D, Cranleigh A and Ash C look as if they will battle for third spot with Merrow G and Abinger occupying the middle places. That leaves three teams with, currently, virtually identical records. Given the gap that is left to the bottom two College Hill E, Godalming G and Woking LTC C will be fairly confident of finishing the season in the same division. That leaves College Hill D and Bramley E who are somewhat adrift of the rest. Predictions Champions – Godalming F Runners-Up – Aftermath E Relegated – College Hill D and Bramley E
It will be a statistical anomaly if one of the Godalming in the Fourth Division is not promoted. Currently the H team is at the head of the table with the L team possibly joining them in the divisional above. Cody B will be hopeful that they can split the two Godalming teams and Woking LTC D might have a drive in the second half of the season. Godalming J,M and K look destined for mid-table with Cranleigh B joining them at that level. Emmanuel TTC, Bramley F and Burymead E will be hoping to avoid the wooden spoon. Predictions Champions – Godalming H Runners Up – Cody B